Tons Per Year Reduction of CO2 Emissions


Cumulative Net Energy Savings


US Clean Energy Project in Cannabis

Microgrid at Harborside

The energy system is expected to produce more than 7,050,000 kWh of renewable energy each year.

The project will offset approximately 5,000 tons of atmospheric CO2 emissions annually, the equivalent of approximately 9.5 square miles (6,121 acres) of forest, or a reduction of about 12.5 million miles of passenger vehicle miles each year.

The 11 acre system will feature an innovative modular US-made panel mounting system that doesn’t require excavation, sub-surface drilling, concrete or steel.

4 MW

Solar PV

6 MWh

Battery Storage

"The team at Harborside is extremely proud to launch an industry leading renewables project and to be able to completely power our Production Campus from the sun. When it becomes fully functional next year, it is expected to be the largest renewable energy project in the entire US cannabis industry, and will be a great example of how the industry can become more sustainable, more efficient and more profitable" - Tom DiGiovanni, Chief Financial Officer of Harborside