Aug 11, 2021 | Nicole Green

Four Good Reasons to Start a Microgrid Project in California Today

California has some incredible energy incentives right now, but a few of them are time sensitive. If you’re considering a microgrid for cheaper, cleaner and more reliable power, there are four good reasons to start that process today.

1. SGIP funds will run out soon
As part of the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), California provides funding to incentivize home and business owners to install energy storage systems. This pot of money is quickly depleting - but there is still time.

We hear a lot from folks that they don’t have time to figure out the application process for this. We’re happy to completely handle this for you! We will confirm your eligibility and see if you qualify for a completely free storage system. It’s worth looking into.

2. Secure your retail rate of electricity credits
The next version of Net Energy Metering (NEM) proceedings are underway, and utility proposals significantly devalue credits from solar energy sold back to the grid. Scale can help you secure your NEM value at the retail rate of electricity for the next 20 years by submitting for interconnection this year. New regulations are scheduled to take effect in 2022.

3. Earn thousands of dollars in revenue through new demand response programs
Just last week, Governor Newsom ordered California utilities to dramatically increase demand response payments to commercial and industrial energy users in an effort to reduce summer blackouts. The payments can result in thousands of dollars of additional revenue generated by your microgrid each time an energy shortage event takes place. With a microgrid you can participate in these programs with no change to your business-as-usual operations.

4. Avoid utility rate hikes
PG&E has proposed an 18% rate hike for 2023 to the CPUC in addition to the 6-7% increase approved for 2022.

The situation in California is dire. In addition to an increasing number of wildfires and utility power shutoffs, we’re facing a supply shortage of 3.5 GW this summer and 5 GW next summer.

Now is the time to start the conversation and see how your business can have cheaper, cleaner, more reliable power with a microgrid system.

Try out our Microgrid Quick Quote calculator today and see how much you can save.