Feb 23, 2021 | Scale Microgrid Solutions

Scale Microgrid Solutions is pleased to announce a partnership with NPower Link, LLC

February 23, 2021: Scale Microgrid Solutions “Scale” is pleased to announce a partnership with NPower Link, LLC (NPL) to collaborate on the rapid deployment of cleaner and more resilient energy infrastructure within Indian Country (North America). 

The lack of reliable electricity is a severe reality impacting Tribal and Native communities and villages across the United States. More than seventy-five percent of the unelectrified homes in the United States are located on Tribal lands, according to the American Public Power Association. 

Scale and NPL recognize that the time to act on equality and justice for communities on Tribal lands is now and energy infrastructure is one of the most urgent obstacles to address.

The traditional power grid is susceptible to the failure of aging infrastructure and limits the use of local energy sources. Historically, the construction of utility-scale power plants and related infrastructure has negatively impacted the lives, health, and culture of Tribal and Native communities. Much of this power infrastructure was built with little input from the impacted Native communities and typically with limited benefits, such as improved access or lower cost.  

“Finding new sustainable and culturally sensitive energy solutions to Indian Country’s challenges requires new partnerships with leading industry innovators like Scale Microgrid Solutions,” said Chris Deschene, CEO, NPower Link, LLC. “We are proud to partner with Scale.”

Ryan Goodman, CEO of Scale Microgrid Solutions: "We're exceptionally proud to partner with NPL in pursuit of delivering clean, reliable and affordable energy systems to Tribal communities throughout the U.S. While less than one percent of the U.S. population lives there, more than 75% of unelectrified homes are located on Tribal lands. This is a massive environmental justice issue that's been ignored for far too long and is, quite frankly, unacceptable. By coupling NPL's deep understanding of Tribal energy systems with our technical and financial expertise, we hope to play a significant role in correcting this historic injustice."

NPower Link has decades of experience with multibillion-dollar projects within Indian Country utilizing local renewable energy assets. Together with NPL, Scale will deploy their modular microgrid, R2M2, along with their capital solutions.

Coupling the modular microgrid design with the energy-as-a-service financial package allows for immediate and rapid deployment of these projects on Tribal lands and villages for existing resorts, casinos, community centers, health care facilities, and schools. In addition to providing energy resilience to existing buildings, the modular microgrid approach can promote greenfield projects on tribal lands such as hospitals, cold storage facilities, housing communities, and food manufacturing facilities to name a few. Scale's microgrid solutions come with solid financial backing facilitated by its partnership with Warburg Pincus, a private equity firm with a global presence.

About NPower Link: NPower Link, LLC is a 100% U.S Native American-owned energy development group with extensive experience in engineering design, government relations, tribal affairs, and financing energy projects on tribal lands and Alaskan Native villages. Learn more at https://npowerlink.com/

About Scale Microgrid Solutions: Scale is a vertically integrated distributed energy platform, with a core focus of designing, building, financing, and operating cutting-edge distributed energy assets that offer cheaper, cleaner, and more resilient power. As a team of energy and financing experts, Scale enables customers to take charge of their energy infrastructure and future-proof their businesses. Learn more at https://www.scalemicrogridsolutions.com/.


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Nicole Green, Director of Marketing