Microgrid Capacity at Gallaudet

These components will operate in parallel to meet most of the University’s electricity demand. Additionally, Gallaudet plans to host 2.5 MW of additional solar capacity that will be available to DC residents through the Community Renewable Energy Facility (CREF) Program. This additional solar capacity will generate enough renewable electricity to meet the demands of hundreds of households or small businesses in DC.

2.5 MW

Community Solar

4.5 MW


1.2 MW

Battery Energy Storage

“The University needed a partner to support the work of planning, financing, constructing, and operating an advanced district energy system. They wanted new infrastructure to provide energy services that meet the needs of the University, and potentially future development at or near the site. The project requires delivery of comprehensive energy services, while offering superior power quality, reliability, resilience, and enhanced environmental and technical performance.”


The system will play a critical role in Gallaudet's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the entire system is designed to operate in "island mode," enabling the campus to be fully operational during electric grid outages.