Big Picture Impact

$0 Down

Up-Front Capital from Bowery

450,000 Pounds

Per Year Reduction of CO2 Emissions

500,000 Dollars

Projected Net Present Value

Microgrid Capacity at Bowery

The modular microgrid that Scale designed  is a game-changing behind the meter system that utilizes a combination of photovoltaic solar panels, lithium ion batteries, and a natural gas generator outfitted with advanced emissions control technology.

150 kW

Solar PV

815 kW

Dispatchable Generation

200 kW

Battery Energy Storage

"These solutions help cover a portion of our energy consumption needs for this farm, and reduce CO2 emissions by the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of pounds of coal burned per year."

The Bowery microgrid reduces the facility’s GHG emissions footprint by the equivalent of 23K gallons of gasoline each year. Further, the system operates in various ancillary services to the electric grid, enabling continued operations during utility outages while reducing Bowery's energy expenses.