MMBTU Per Year Projected Annual Energy Savings


Resilience From Grid Outages


Mission Critical Facilities


Up-Front Capital From City Of Bridgeport

Scale's Capital Solutions

Scale’s acquisition of the Bridgeport Microgrid demonstrates the capability to provide owners and operators of assets a means to recycle their capital back into their businesses.

The initial financing of this system included a 10% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and a $2.9 million grant from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). CT Green Bank and KeyBank provided the debt package and continue to support the project post-acquisition.


Absorption Chiller

250 kW

Standby Generator

3 x 265 kW

Natural Gas

"This transaction highlights our integrated M&A, financing, asset management and operational capabilities in a way that sets us apart from our peers. We will build on this success and continue to commit capital to finance microgrids and distributed energy infrastructure more broadly.”
- Julian Torres, Chief Investment Officer at Scale Microgrids.