Big Picture Impact

$0 Down

Up-Front Capital from Soboba

48 Million

Pounds of CO2 Reduced in Lifetime

$30 Million

Projected Cumulative Net Savings

Microgrid Capacity at Soboba

Tribal lands are rich in natural resources and using distributed energy provides them with economic and energy independence. The microgrid will work in energy savings mode when the utility is available. The microgrid will also back up the facility for short-term and long-term outages.

1.5 MW

Solar PV

6 MWh

Battery Energy Storage

"This project serves our mission to strengthen our tribe’s sovereignty, self-sufficiency, and prosperity,” says Soboba’s Tribal Council. “We are responsible for helping our people and our land thrive for generations to come, and we believe this microgrid system is an important step towards advancing our objectives."

During a normal day, the resort will receive energy from a combination of the utility and the on-site energy resources.

The advanced microgrid controls know when the utility costs are highest or if there is an outage, proactively selecting the optimal energy source. This system offers excellent data visibility well beyond what most people have access to allowing for granular real-time energy usage and analysis.

In addition to reducing the facility’s GHG emissions footprint by the equivalent of 4,800 passenger vehicles, the system will enable mission critical operations to continue during utility outages.