Big Picture Impact

75,000 sq/ft

Facility in the Heart of Brooklyn, NY

24 / 7 / 365

On-Site and Remote Monitoring

Largest in U.S.

Processor of Smoked Fish & Herring

Microgrid Capacity at ACME

This operating facility is completely autonomous from ConEdison. It has kept the facility 100% operational throughout all major storms and grid outages over the course of the project’s life. At times, it’s even been asked to produce food for other competing facilities that have lost power.

815 kW

Natural Gas CHP

380 kW

Peaker Gas CHP

1,000 kW

Standby Diesel Generator

“Scale Microgrids has continually provided excellent service to ACME over the years. They are a valued vendor to us for their proven ability to step up to the plate and go the extra mile when you need it most.”

In addition, ACME has signed a long term O&M contract wherein Scale will provide comprehensive maintenance of the facility’s on-site generation equipment. Initial design activities for Phase 2 of the project, which will include the install rooftop solar PV and a battery storage module, are currently underway.