We finance, design, build and operate renewable energy projects that set a new standard for clean energy.

Scale is investing billions of dollars into distributed energy resources, providing asset based financing for projects under development, as well as capital to developers or companies seeking to efficiently build out distributed energy and energy infrastructure project pipelines. 

Distributed Energy

Energy storage
Dispatchable generation
Combined heat and power
Fuel cells
Other distributed energy assets

Energy Infrastructure

EV charging
Other infrastructure assets



Scale is backed by the institutional power and capital of Warburg Pincus.


Established over 50 years ago, Warburg Pincus has invested over $79 billion in more than 880 companies within 40 countries around the world.

Years of private equity experience, deep industry knowledge, and unparalleled networks of resources complement Scale’s deep energy expertise to provide capital that works harder to power growth for our developers, partners, customers, and technology companies.

Recent Financing Case Studies

Nexus Renewables

In January 2022, Scale announced a $100 million deal with Nexus Renewables to finance and acquire their pipeline of community solar and energy storage projects.

· Project Acquisition
· Construction Financing
· Long-Term Ownership


Urban Energy

In November 2021, Scale announced that they are providing $55 million in capital to Urban Energy in order to successfully complete a portfolio of rooftop community solar projects in New York City.

· Development Financing
· Tax Equity Investment
· Project CAPEX


Bridgeport Microgrid

In May of 2021, Scale acquired a distributed energy microgrid that powers three key municipal
facilities in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

· 200-ton Absorption Chiller
· 3x 265 kW Natural Gas
· 250 kW Standby Generator



How is Scale able to finance hundreds of millions of dollars in projects?
Scale finances its platform with equity from private equity firm Warburg Pincus and a corporate credit facility with City National Bank.
What is unique about working with Scale? 
As a vertically integrated company, Scale leverages deep in-house capabilities, with only selective third-party expertise needed. This enables Scale to stay nimble and cost-effective throughout the entire financing process. Customers also benefit from the Scale team’s technical expertise, as Scale can assist with project completion, evaluate acquisitions efficiently, and improve project returns.  
At what stage of development do you invest in projects? 
Scale invests in distributed energy projects at any stage of the development process. Notably, Scale’s platform can help developers lock up large pipeline opportunities by providing flexible capital at early project development stages. 
How much do you typically invest for a given project? 
Scale finances projects from ~$5 million to $100+ million.
What technologies do you invest in? 
Scale provides capital for any commercially viable distributed energy technology, including solar PV, battery energy storage, combined heat and power, fuel cells, and more. 
What kinds of projects do you finance? 
Scale finances utility-scale as well as commercial and industrial distributed energy projects of all sizes. This includes community solar, residential virtual power plants, and microgrids, and more. 
Where do you make investments? 
We invest in distributed energy projects anywhere in the United States. 
Do you invest in pilot projects? 
No. While Scale is technology agnostic, our team only works with qualified OEMs and commercially viable technologies that can be reliably integrated.