WarburgPincusScale Microgrid Solutions is backed by the institutional power and capital of Warburg Pincus.



Powering Growth

Established over 50 years ago, Warburg Pincus has invested over $79 billion in more than 880 companies within 40 countries around the world. Years of private equity experience, deep industry  knowledge, and unparalleled networks of resources complement Scale’s deep energy expertise to provide capital that works harder to power growth for our developers, partners, customers, and technology companies.

What we finance, design, build, own and operate

Scale is investing billions of dollars into distributed energy resources, providing asset based financing for projects under development, as well as capital to developers or companies seeking to efficiently build out distributed energy and energy infrastructure project pipelines. We do more than generate sustainable and reliable power—ultimately, we generate change.

Distributed Energy

Energy storage
Dispatchable generation
Combined heat and power
Fuel cells
HVAC, lighting, and building automation
Other distributed energy assets

Energy Infrastructure

Electric vehicles
EV charging
Vehicle fleets
Other infrastructure assets

We leverage capital to:

  • Acquire and optimize distributed energy resources currently in commercial operations or in late-stage development
  • Provide developers with tax equity, growth capital and working capital via direct project acquisition and long-term ownership
  • Support channel partners with creative, low-cost financing solutions utilizing best-in-class financial structuring and technology
  • Supply development capital to developers or companies seeking to build out distributed energy projects




Financing Experience

In May of 2021, Scale acquired a distributed energy microgrid that powers three key municipal facilities in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Scale’s acquisition of the Bridgeport Microgrid demonstrates the capability to provide owners and operators of assets a means to recycle their capital back into their businesses.