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Microgrid at Petaluma

The microgrids will include 4.2 MWh of a battery energy storage, a microgrid controller, and 831kW of existing solar PV. Scale will utilize state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which are attractive because they’re not dependent on scarce and controversial raw materials like cobalt and nickel.

831 kW

Solar PV

4.2 MWh

Battery Energy Storage



Matthew Harris, Superintendent of Petaluma City Schools says,

We are really excited to be on the forefront of this creative and environmentally friendly method of providing backup power to our schools.

With so much uncertainty and disruption over these past years, microgrid systems can provide much needed continuity for our students when there is a power disruption.

This project also gives us an opportunity to put our values into action because it is aligned to one of our recently adopted District goals, which is to enhance the long-term sustainability of our organization, infrastructure, and operations.”


Petaluma City Schools has embraced renewable energy in the past, showing early leadership in the state by installing solar PV systems at all of its school facilities beginning in 2003.

Now the District has decided to take another step on their journey towards energy independence and embrace microgrid technology.